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Activities & Events Years 5&6

Puffin class assembly

Puffin class gave us a wonderful display of learning during their class assembly.

Women’s Euro 22 Anthem

In May, Miss Horvath and members of Year 5 were treated to a unique musical experience when they were joined by instrumentalists from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Over the course of the morning, every child in Year 5 sang and developed lyrics, which would form part of a EURO 22 Anthem.

Our school composition will be played at the opening of every match played in the MK DONS stadium during the women’s matches in July.

‘It was a really inspiring experience for everyone,’ Steph Horvath.

Celebrating Spring at International Dance Day 2022

MÓTUS curated 198 members from the community and schools alongside 2 professional companies – Richard Chappell Dance and Paramount Parkour – for a day of dance at the Milton Keynes Rose on the 29th and 30th April 2022. Working in partnership with the Cenotaph Trust and the Parks Trust; Artistic Director of MÓTUS Helen Parlor said ‘it has been a joy to find and work with all of these talented groups in our local area or who are somehow attached to Milton Keynes and the dance scene we are trying to create. The MK Rose is the perfect site for movement/dance and International Dance Day gave audiences, over 2 nights, an exceptional and varied showcase of work all relating to the theme of ‘Spring’ whilst relating to the inscriptions on the pillars, across 2 nights.

We would also like to thank the schools who took part in this event including Cold Harbour School, Stantonbury School, Walton High and MK College. The students worked so hard towards their performances and they were fantastic at the shows. We hope to offer more performance opportunities to students soon.

This project was made possible by the Milton Keynes Community Foundation and the Ansom Trust. Huge thanks to The Parks Trust.


For these budding dancers from Cold Harbour C of E primary school, this will be their first opportunity to perform in front of an audience.  They have been fortunate to work alongside the choreographer Lisa Spackman (Two Third’s Sky ) to develop a contemporary piece to San Solomon. Working hard at school with staff to bring this simple piece together, they are really looking forward to sharing their love of dance at the MK Rose.


Year 5/6 Basketball Match v Rickley Park

In March, this wonderful group of year 5/6 took part in a fantastic basketball match against our friends at Rickley Park.  It was wonderful to finally have some real game time!




Y5 Tag Rugby – ‘Come on You Saints!’

In March, this lucky group of Year 5 children had the opportunity to join in a tag-rubgy workshop led by a coach from Northampton Saints.



Year 5 and 6 Victorian Day
What an amazing day we had! Big thank you to Mrs Upton for arranging the day. Read all about it here in Amelia K’s account.
‘Yesterday, dressing up as a Victorian child was a once in a lifetime experience for our learning in History. The experience was such fun that it put a smile across everyone’s face. It left me amazed about the life in the eighteen hundreds for children of our age.’

Y5 Choice or Consequence Workshop

The children in Year 5 were lucky to have a visit from Louise from Hazard Alley in February. Louise delivered a brilliant workshop where the children learned all about the dangers and consequences of knife crime. The children learned how to keep themselves and their friend’s safe by recognising the dangers of carrying knives.

Climate Change and Air Quality Outreach Project – Results

Please click the link to watch the video, the password is T%u9v@*D


Audio transcript

00:01Hello cold harbor Thank you again for joining us every week for our climate change and pollution outreach program we really enjoyed seeing you waving to us every week on on zoom.

00:12And we also really loved all the effort that you put into your projects, it was delightful to see so many different things coming our way and see how some of you’ve got so creative.
00:23It truly was amazing and we all had a great time reading through and watching some of your videos so thank you so much for all the effort.
00:30We had a really, really tough time making some decisions because a lot of the schools put in so much effort.
00:36And, but I am really, really pleased to say that cold harbor has been awarded a weather station so congratulations and thanks again for all of your hard work and for participating bye bye.

Year 6 Virtual Visit from the Author Chris Martin – The Case of the Caretaker’s Keys

On Friday 21st May, Year 6 were lucky to be able to work virtually with the author Chris Martin.  Chris has just released his first novel entitled ‘Inky Stevens, Great School Detective’ and talked to the children about the way in which he captures his ideas and uses drama to bring them to life.  A big well done to the whole group and especially Faith, Scarlet, Fareed, Maisey, Ethan M, Mia and Daniel who read in role as one of the suspects with Chris.

Amy W commented, ‘I really enjoyed this experience as it’s such an inspiring subject.  I would love to write like this in the future.’

Chris commented that, ‘It was a pleasure to meet your young people who were enthusiastic, astute, and great detectives! They were a real delight to teach, full of creativity and imagination.’


Year 6 MOTUS dance workshop

On Wednesday 14th April , Year 6 were really fortunate to be able to work with Katie Dale-Everett, Artistic Director from KDE Dance. The workshop was designed to give the children an opportunity to explore their hopes, connections and values through the medium of dance.  For the workshop, the children were asked to bring a special object that had a significant meaning for them. This object was then used to encourage the children to express their feelings and emotions. The children were brilliant and Katie complimented them on their ability to use their bodies so expressively.


Christmas Service

On Thursday 17th December 2020, Puffin, Kingfisher and Penguin class reminded us about the true meaning of Christmas through their wonderful Carol Service.  Although we missed our families joining us at St.Mary’s, it was lovely to see the mature way the children told the Christmas story through prayer, lessons and carols.



Activities & Events Years 5&6

Christmas Cracked

On Wednesday 5th December 2018, Year 6 attended Christmas Cracked at Whaddon Way Church in Bletchley. The children had a really enjoyable morning learning about the ‘true meaning of Christmas‘ while they decorated festive cakes, completed  a quiz and  listened to a shepherd reciting his version of the Christmas story. A huge thank you to Bridgebuilder trust volunteers who made the whole experience possible.


Activities & Events Years 5&6

Moon Buggies

You may be wondering how astronauts in 2018 explore the surface of the Moon.  On Monday 10th December, Puffin, Kingfisher and Penguin classes tried to answer that question.  Here are our results – I wonder which one NASA will choose?


Activities & Events Years 5&6

WWII Experience Day

A huge thank you to all the families of the Waterbirds classes for providing such wonderful costumes and letters for our World War II Experience Day.  The children and staff had a tremendous day learning all about evacuation.  
After sheltering from the bombs (in a makeshift Morrison’s shelter), sampling vegetable soup and designing  propaganda posters, the children were joined by their families in the hall to sing rousing tunes like ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and ‘Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag.’   It was a truly wonderful experience.

Activities & Events Years 5&6

Parent visitor to talk about World War 11

Penguin class were fortunate to have a visitor on Wednesday 30th January 2019.  Ms Pickerin came into school to tell the class all about her parents experience of Evacuation during World War II.  The class were fascinated to hear the two contrasting experiences of  her mother, who was evacuated to Wales, and father, who was evacuated to Devon and experienced life in a Grand House with servants.
This type of oral account is so valuable for the children to experience as it helps them appreciate how our understanding of the past is often formed from these primary sources.  We’d love to hear any more tales our school community has to offer.

Activities & Events Years 5&6

Year 6 Stars!

We were extremely proud of all our children in Year 6 last week. They tackled their SATs tests with diligence and determination. It was lovely to see them enjoying breakfast together and supporting one another throughout the day.

A huge thank you to our local Morrison & Tesco stores for supporting the breakfast and a special mention for Tara Maher who was an amazing ‘Community Champion.’

Luckily the weather held out on Friday and we managed to spend some time outdoors.


Activities & Events Years 5&6

Year 5 Lifepath Bunyan Day at Elstow – 21st May 2019

Year 5 took part in Lifepath Bunyan at Elstow, in association with the Bridgebuilders Trust and Scripture Union. They travelled to Elstow, where John Bunyan, a Christian preacher and author of The Pilgrim’s Progress, was born and lived. They learned about his life and work, and got involved in a few activities that might have been popular during Bunyan’s time – bell-ringing, calligraphy, weaving and even a visit to the market fair for games and maypole dancing!

To end the day, the children travelled along the straight and narrow path to the Celestial City, as Bunyan wrote about in The Pilgrim’s Progress, resisting temptation along the way. The children were excellently behaved and learned a lot throughout the day – well done Year 5!



Activities & Events Years 5&6

Rev Paul Pavlou Visit – 23rd May 2019

As part of their RE learning this term, Year 5 and 6 have been thinking about Pentecost and what inspires Christians.  Rev. Paul Pavlou supported us greatly today with his visit. He shared with us his own personal reflections on what has inspired him to become a Christian and how the Holy Spirit guides him in his everyday life.  Emily and Lewis shared their beautiful accounts of the Passover – seen through the eyes of the disciples and children from Puffin class asked some profound questions. It was a truly memorable experience for all involved.


Activities & Events Years 5&6

Year 5/6 Visit to Holdenby House – 1st October 2019

Year 5/6 experienced a day as Victorian servants at Holdenby House in Northamptonshire.  The children were given various roles ranging from a Tweeny to Stable boys and spent the day carrying out tasks appropriate for their position.  The team leading the day showed the children how hard it was for servants in this era and how strict the rules were.  The teachers also played their part in the day and everyone enjoyed the experience.



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