Our Vision and Values

Vision Statement

The School’s Christian Vision Statement “Let your light shine” is our central vision.

Everyone is encouraged to shine through living out our values of trust, honesty, thankfulness, respect and resilience. Enabling us to grow, learn and achieve together.

16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good
deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

At Cold Harbour it is really important that our vision is inclusive of all of our families within our community. As a Church school it is important that we value everyone’s beliefs and worldviews. Our values of trust, honesty, thankfulness, respect and resilience are important so that our children develop an understanding of traits that we value in our school and help their ‘light to shine’ when they demonstrate these through their learning and their actions.

These values are developed from the moment children begin at our school where they learn the meanings and how we can demonstrate these traits in our daily actions. Our aim is for all pupils and adults at Cold Harbour to flourish. Values are then developed as the children grow together through our school and are linked to their learning as well as their understanding within RE and PSHE. These values enable our children to grow into well rounded, accepting citizens and encourage them to let their ‘light shine’ through their achievements at Cold Harbour. By letting our ‘lights shine’ everyone at Cold Harbour is enabled to flourish.

  • We learn to trust in ourselves as much as we trust the adults in school to help us to shine.
  • We know how important it is to be honest with each other as well as honest with ourselves so that if we need help we can ask for it, it helps us remember to do the right thing.
  • We learn how to be thankful for everything good in our lives and all the opportunities we have in our school to shine.
  • We understand how important it is to respect each other and we show this through our actions and our words everyday.
  • We are becoming more resilient; there are many challenges we face but with practice and resilience we will get better and our light will shine through difficult times.

Relationships and behaviour at Cold Harbour CE School

At Cold Harbour our relationships with our children enable us to support our children and allow their ‘light to shine’. Sometimes we need to reflect on our choices and think about how our decisions affect others. By using restorative principles, we enable our children to consider how they can be honest about their actions and repair the situation. This means that all children can learn to let their light shine through their mistakes and be respectful towards each other in our school.

We celebrate the children’s lights shining weekly within our whole school Celebration Worship, held on a Friday. By being awarded Star Learner, Hot Chocolate Friday, notes home, speaking to families, stickers, dojo points and displaying work in our classrooms and across our school we can show our thankfulness for the skills and efforts our children go through to let their light shine in all they do at Cold Harbour.

The expectations of being ready, respectful and safe in school allow our children to shine in all they do. Expectations are high, clear and recognised within our school through praise and prompts to model expectations. In this way the children know what they need to be ready to learn and thereby allow their light to shine in all their actions.

The role of adults in school is to constantly model to the children the behaviours and attitudes we expect to see in our school. Adults let our lights shine in our actions and words towards our children and each other so that they can see we respect each other and are thankful for relationships in school. They are integral to ensuring that every child flourishes in their learning and their lights shine in all they do at Cold Harbour.

Occasionally in our school, children struggle to reflect on their choices. At this point it is essential that we work with the family to ensure that the child can see how to be ready, respectful and safe in school to help make sure that their education isn’t jeopardised and they are able to let their light shine.