As a Church school, spirituality is separate from Social, Moral and Cultural education (SMSC).

Our vision, ‘Let your light shine’ enables pupils and adults to grow, learn and achieve together. Spiritual development is an important part of our growth as individuals within our school community. For us spirituality is about having life and living it to the full. This supports our foundation as a Church school, whilst being inclusive of everyone’s beliefs and worldviews.

At Cold Harbour our definition of Spirituality follows the principle of Windows, Mirrors and Doors.

Windows – Within the safe space teachers create in school, children are able to see and learn about spiritual experiences within the classroom. This could include learning from videos, looking at pictures or listening to music.

Doors – These offer pupils and adults opportunities to engage with experiences that support their spiritual growth. These may include charitable works, educational visits and experiences in the outside.

Mirrors – The mirror allows us to reflect and think about how the experiences impact on us spirituality and enable us to consider others as well as our own perceptions.