STEM Weather Station

Now we can be Weather Watchers with our own Weather Station

During the Autumn term 2021, Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to work with Cranfield University on a project about the environment. Using their knowledge from these lessons, some members of Y6 entered a county wide competition with Cranfield. Our school provided one of the winning entries and we were awarded a top of the range Davis Vantage pro weather station. This station can now provide us with up-to-date outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure and moon phasing along with a whole host of other exciting features.

The weather station gives classes the opportunity to discuss the weather and seasonal changes both in the classroom using the data above and out on the playground where a full display monitor is accessible to them. The weather station is also a brilliant example of how science can be eco-friendly as it is energised by the sun during the day, by an onboard supercapacitor at night! Next time you wonder what the local weather might be like take a look!!!