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Free Helpline for children involved with Children’s Services

We provide a free National Helpline for children and young people involved with Children’s Services.  We need your help to make sure that these children know about this service.

If there are children at your school involved with Children’s Services who need any of the following:

  • advice on their rights and what support they’re entitled to
  • support at meetings with Children’s Services to express their wishes and feelings
  • support to make a complaint if they are not happy about the decisions that have been made about them

Please support them to call the Always Heard Helpline or give them our contact details:

We will explain to them what advocacy is and how to get an advocate, and will work with them until advocacy is in place.

Please reply to this email to order our posters and put them up in your school to help spread the word. We also have leaflets, postcards and wallet cards available.

Many children in the care system tell us they feel powerless when key decisions are being made about their lives, like where they live or who they live. Some children don’t feel able to express what they want because of a lack of confidence, skills or trust that they will be heard.

The good news is that every child in care is entitled to an independent advocate who can make sure their wishes and feelings are listened to when decisions are made about them. They also have a right to be supported by an advocate when they need representation or if they want to make a complaint.

However, many children in care don’t always get this support or know they are entitled to it. Often children from the most vulnerable groups – such as children with complex communication needs, disabled children, very young children and children placed away from home – have the greatest difficulty in finding an advocate to speak up for them.

Children in care, or the adults referring them, can call our helpline and request an advocate for free. We can answer any questions about the services children are entitled to and offer information on how to get an advocate who will help to guide them through the social care system.

Positive outcomes

When children have an advocate and are listened to, outcomes are positive, in the short and long term.

Children who are involved in decision making about their lives feel safer and are more confident.  An advocate can also help to ensure that education is not disrupted which will improve and enhance the child’s life chances.

Want to know more?

Our helpline team are specially trained, friendly and here to help.  Anyone who calls will be listened to and have their questions answered.  We can inform children and young people, or the adults referring them, about what support they are entitled to and how to get it. We can also quickly get an interpreter on the phone for those who cannot speak English or organise a face to face visit from an advocate for those unable to speak on the phone.  We also have specialist advocates trained to communicate with children who have different needs.

Thank you for sharing our free helpline number.

Yours sincerely,

Brigid Robinson

Managing Director

Coram Voice

About Coram Voice

Coram Voice has provided a specialist freephone advocacy helpline for over 20 years and we are delighted to be able to bring this experience to the new Always Heard service.

Formerly known as Voice for the Child in Care (VCC), Coram Voice has championed the voice of children and young people involved in the care system since 1975. We joined the Coram group of charities in 2013. The Coram mission is to develop, deliver and promote best practice in the support of vulnerable children and young people.