Cold Harbour Poetry Week – 12th to 16th November 2018

A huge well done to all children who recited a November poem to their class during Poetry Week. The effort and hard work many of the children went to was very impressive. Children who went through to the semi-final earned two points for their house and finalists earned five points. Our final on Thursday 15th November 2018 had a representative from each house from all phases and they performed their poems to the whole school. The standard was very high which gave the judges a difficult job. Congratulations to our winners Rian-Ray (Sparrow), Cheryl (Hummingbird) and Hadassah (Kingfisher). Winners received ten points for their houses and a book prize of their choice.
On Friday 16th November 2018, poet Paul Delaney visited Cold Harbour and shared his poems with us all. All classes wrote poems during their English lessons following an inspiring worship from our visiting poet. Paul spent much of the day working on poetry with Kingfishers and Puffins. 4 children (Mckenzie, Zainab, Sharmina and Archie) were chosen to perform their poems in a poetry festival at Lord Grey Academy on Thursday 29th November 2018.  We wish you them the best of luck!
Finally, thank you for your support with our Book People book fair. Lots of books were sold and it was fantastic to see so many children excited about reading.