Year 5 Lifepath Bunyan Day at Elstow

Year 5 Lifepath Bunyan Day at Elstow – 21st May 2019

Year 5 took part in Lifepath Bunyan at Elstow, in association with the Bridgebuilders Trust and Scripture Union. They travelled to Elstow, where John Bunyan, a Christian preacher and author of The Pilgrim’s Progress, was born and lived. They learned about his life and work, and got involved in a few activities that might have been popular during Bunyan’s time – bell-ringing, calligraphy, weaving and even a visit to the market fair for games and maypole dancing!

To end the day, the children travelled along the straight and narrow path to the Celestial City, as Bunyan wrote about in The Pilgrim’s Progress, resisting temptation along the way. The children were excellently behaved and learned a lot throughout the day – well done Year 5!